'X' Marks the Spot Workshops!

Explore and Investigate

Exploring a map

Maps were made and used by explorers - finding new countries and continents

Maps show the big picture - a story - to start asking questions..

Today Maps are used in very similar and different ways to the early explorers

Ask Questions


Captain Alice loves asking questions!

In fact there is not one hour in the day when she hasn't asked a question! That is how she learns!

She will ask you lots of questions - about your travels and investigations and exploring!

Creativity and Imagination

Ahoy there Mapmakers

One simple task - given to each child in the group. 

There will be such different outcomes because their minds all work differently!

That is EXACTLY what I love to see! But there is also reasoning  and explanation behind it. 

Grow your knowledge

X Marks the Spot Workshop

You learn something new everyday. 

This applies equally to children as well as Adults!

I like to support the teachers and adults in the groups I visit, by inspiring them to build on the ideas from the workshop!

Apply your new learning

Where I live

Maps are everywhere and cover every subject - how can you bring them into your daily lessons?

Learning Through Fun


I couldn't imagine doing anything else!
If you would like a visit from Captain Alice - Please click the link below to contact her!

Making Maps look 540 years old!

I don't usually recommend scrunching up maps....BUT IT MAKES THEM LOOK OLD! Add dabs of Teabags..and then it looks even older..

Thanks to Yorkshire Tea, We can make them look spectacular! Every 'X' Marks the Spot attendee gets a Yorkshire Tea teabag!