Workshops available with Captain Alice!

X Marks the Spot Workshop

'X' Marks the Spot

Captain Alice tells of her adventures and explorations of the world

Let's spot symbols and then she will share her treasure with the best map-maker in the crew! 

Mini Map-Makers Marketing

'Cartography for STEM and Art'

Connecting the subjects learned at school with real life jobs, processes and living examples of how maps are embedded into every subject but especially Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths



Let your creativity flow - individually creating a group masterpiece for your school wall!

How colour, objects, animals and the world all interact in an Art project..something for the children to be proud to walk past!

Colourful Cambridge cARTography #ARTCONNECTS

A Cambridge Primary School was given an A2 Black and White Map of Cambridge and asked to cut it up and decorate are the results!

Enjoy the video - if you'd like this for your school - please contact Captain Alice!


Out of School Activities

'Symbol Spot' guides - 2018

a Mini Map-Makers Symbol

Walking guides from 3+ around a variety of locations including the Forest of Marston Vale and Bedford town. Each participant purchases/collects a bag (from the chosen location) containing all the items needed along the route. Can you find all the Symbols on the Map? 

Home Education Groups

X MArks the SPot

Looking for Home Ed Groups in the local Counties to help support your understanding and education of maps! 

Contact me for more information

Girl Guiding helpers

Geology Map 1999, Nijar spain

I speak about my journey in Cartography, Geography and Geology at girlguiding meetings and then the teams help fill bags for X Marks the Spot Workshops.

if you would like me to give a talk to your group - please contact us!


Greensand Country Map

I can help run sessionsfor the Navigation badge or anything to do with Maps. I also host careers talks about being A Cartographer and Geologist.

STEM & Art Days

Trig Pillars

Understanding about STEM and Art - how the subjects are reliant on maps for showing off information!

Cartography for STEAM

Mindfulness Mapping


Map reading and making can be a therapeutic way of calming down. Looking at all the detail, colours, names and symbols. 

Creating your own master piece of Cartography is not only a great achievement but can also be a relaxing journey.

When people concentrate on colouring in or creating, it can bring the heart rate down..and people start to relax and unwind.

Contact Captain Alice for more information