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Each child has a workbook - or all 4!

Work from Cover to Cover or Pick and Choose topics?

But make sure you enter the Competition!

Learn about Maps, Map Makers of yesterday and today!

How different is making maps today than 200 years ago?

New Skills


The NESW Workbooks are physical workbooks for each child to complete.

They can work in class or at home!

They can work in a group or independently!

You can choose what you want to do to fit in with your topic or let someone else decide!

Skills include: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Language, Numeracy and Literacy.

Let them show off what they know!


We learn something everyday. 

We put into practise everyday what we have learned!

Let the children show off their new skills with the map competition! 

See how their pencil skills develop, their writing and imagination grows and their ability to understand this complex world we live in!

Send Captain Alice your Maps!


Every School and Group has an opportunity to send in their Winners Map to Captain Alice! They will be judged and Winners will be picked!

Prizes will be sent! 

On Trial around GB!


50 Schools all around Great Britain are Trialling the Workbooks and Great Feedback is coming in! Both positive and very constructive! 

Thank you Schools!

Feedback here


Introducing the 'North' Workbook - All about maps!


A new workbook for children to learn about how Letters, Numbers, Colours and Shapes appear on maps. 

Lots to do and see! A fun learning resource! 

Ideal for school starters and those new to English

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GB Schools Feedback


50 GB Schools were sent the Workbooks to review and here are some of the comments from the feedback..

High Quality 87%

Very Innovative 62%

75% Need it!

Above Average for Value for Money

62% would buy the product TODAY!

75% would recommend to a friend!