Testimonials and Reviews

Quotes from 2017-2019


“Very Helpful and Interesting. I found it fun learning step by step to make a map – Jana age 10, I loved doing the map – Zac age 5 and I learned how to mark locations on a map -Joel age 8”

"The Class couldn't believe the size of the map! they hadn't seen a piece of paper that big! They loved the Symbol Spot game and making their own maps!"

“Great – very engaging. Oliver loved the compass too!”

Forest of Marston Vale 2018


  “Captain Alice was engaging with the children. Especially my son. She asked all of them questions and listened to their answers! The resources were amazing and she made them all! Adam wants to be a cartographer!” 

“Brilliant Workshop – the most enjoyable, informative one I’ve been to with my 4 year old- she really loved it”

Higgins STEM Summer 2019


 “ Fantastic activity for my 4 and 7 year old. Well prepared and thought out, educational and interesting. You need some long rulers for making grid lines! haha Loved it! Thank you.” 

 “Really enjoyable, the children were engaged and enjoyed it.”