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Captain Alice and her crew have managed to come up with some amazing, fun, exclusive made resources so you can learn about maps in a fun way!

Workshops & Resources

How do I make a Map of the UK

'X' Marks the Spot (4-7 yo)

cARTography (4+yo)

Cartography for STEM & Art (7+ yo)

The Cartophiles (4-7yo and 7+ yo)

Maps for Mindfulness


Cambridge, Aylesbury, London and Manchester Colouring in A1 Maps to raise money and awareness for 

CALM -Campaign Against Living Miserably

Pre-Order 'The Cartophiles' Now!

'The Cartophiles' are available for Primary and Secondary Schools on Pre-Order!

1 box with 11 different ways to get your whole school mapping!

Teachers have over 20 lesson plans and ideas folder, pupils have fun and learn about the world and STEM through maps! Teachers you can join the fun too and develop your understanding of maps!

Pre-Order = £50.00 off!

The Cartophiles are primarily a STEM and Art resource. The lessons can be taught in any of the STEM and Art subjects - but how about this for Geography and History or even Music? Maps in Music? Maps in Football? Maps in Hairdressing and Beauty? Every subject can have a map applied to it.

Easy to Pre-Order

Talk this through with your colleagues and budget it under STEM!

Fill out the attached PDF and send it back to me! An invoice is generated and sent to accounts and once payment is through - the Box and resources are sent through. No third parties - Just deal with Captain Alice!