Get Kids into Survey

Cartography and Surveying

Cartography happens because of Surveying!

Surveying is essential to map all the points and areas on a map in the EXACT position on the earth..there are many different ways to survey - Land, Sea and Air and lots of different equiptment too!

Great Career!

Do you like to travel? Do you like being the first to make a map of an area? 

Do you like working hard?

Then Surveying is for you!

Here a link to the Get Kids into Survey site!

Order your FREE posters!

Poster showing all aspects of Surveying world are being created - and YES Captain Alice is in the latest one! 

She loves rocks and making maps!

Meet Elaine Ball and watch her video all about the campaign


Download these maps and resources for your class and have FUN - don't forget to send Captain Alice your work!

Continents and Oceans (pdf)


Regions of the World (pdf)


FreeMapFriday UK (pdf)


Animal map in Pencil (pdf)