Mini Map-Makers supporting all our #keyworkers


Support our Keyworkers!

Support our Keyworkers!

Support our Keyworkers!

#NHS and #Keyworkers around the world and in the UK are doing a super job keeping the countries going! 



Get Nature Inside!

Support our Keyworkers!

Support our Keyworkers!

With over 35 items to choose from - Rainbow Sets (9 colours) of Bugs and Insects, Wildflowers and Trees, Alphabets and Jigsaws to keep children and families busy creating their own Scenes!


Get Creating!!

Support our Keyworkers!

Get Creating!!

Order your Sets Here!

Each 10 sets ordered - I will be creating scenes for local Hospitals, Emergency Services and Schools! 7 Sets already to go out!!


Links for Map related activities!


Get Kids into Survey

Where does Captain Alice's Data come from? Who are the people in High Vis vests on a building site? What are the yellow boxes? Find out more here! 

Ordnance Survey

UK's National Mapping Agency - creators of the Pink and Orange Maps:

Captain Alice will be creating maps of towns and villages in the UK

Null School Earth

One of Captain Alice's favourites 

Check out the levels of pollution: Co2 or S04, the wind speeds or Temperatures around the globe!

British Geological Survey

Captain Alice loves Maps but also LOVES rocks too!

try out some of these resources: 

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Geospatial Commission Links!

The Government called and Mini Map-Makers have helped with a big impressive list of amazing GEO Mappy people .. 

World Stencils


Get to know your continents and countries and make them as bright as you can!

Download PDF here