NESW Workbooks


N and E on Preorder here!

2018 - OCTOBER

NESW Workbooks out for Trial

N & E out at 25 different Schools around GB for trialling.

S & W -Call gone out for 25 Schools to trial.

Workbooks sold in 30/60/90 and 120 quantities to education establishments including Home Ed Groups.

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" The Cartophiles" for Primary/Secondary age children

WHO LOVES MAPS? I have created a whole mapping package for you! Here's 'The Cartophiles'!

A 'Cartophile' is a noun and means "one who greatly admires and enjoys maps"

The idea of 'The Cartophiles' is to get each child understanding more about Maps through practical lessons. All of which encompass lots of different subjects and join them together..making the world come into the learning zone and getting the children familiar with real world objects and places!

STEM and Art are the main focus and this product would be classed as a "STEM" and Art resource and can be hosted by Geography, DT, ICT, Science and Art. 

Lesson plans for 25 'STEAM' lessons are included. Art and Mapping Mindfulness classes are included. Posters and Symbols Discs are included. OS Maps are donated  to each school, kindly by Dennis Maps and the OS!