Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities

Get YOUR business into schools!

Find out how thousands of families would see your business! Click to download below!

Tell them about YOUR company!

Come along and join Captain Alice at a Workshop - the floor is yours to showcase your business ! Tell them how you use maps or data - why its essential to your organisation. Bring them an item or 2 for their goody bag!

A CSR opportunity not to be missed!

How would you like to help? Download and read the notice below..and then the decision is yours!

I look forward to meeting you!

Corporate Social Responsibility doc

Mini Map-Makers has a range of CSR opportunities for your business. Click on the download for more details and i look forward to hearing for you!

Mini Map-Makers CSR Letter 2018 (pdf)


Mini Map-Makers Information Brochure 2018 (pdf)