Cartography IS for STEAM subjects!

S - Science in Cartography


Cartography is the Art and Science of making Maps! The Science part can be how all the elements are put together but also the subject of the map. 

Image shows the William Smith Map of the Geological Horizons of the UK in 1815.

T - Technology in Cartography


How does a Cartographer make a map today? Pencils, colouring pencils, pens, paint, Digitally? yes but also in 3D models - to show off the topography (or land height) or Bathymetry (sea floor depth). 

This Model was created by EOS-GIS for the British Cartographic Society 'Restless Earth Workshops'. 

E - Engineering in Cartography


How can we map Changing features of the land and sea? Since the 1950s, we have taken images of the world from planes, but today we can get higher into space and see alot more of the land and sea!

Pictured the International Space Station.

A - Art in Cartography


Cartography is the Art and Science of Map-Making! Art is crucial to Map design - colours, shapes and how its made - by colouring in and painting by hand or by digital printing. 

Picture is Animals of the Wold by Jane Tomlinson for Mini Map-Makers 2017

M - Maths in Cartography


The World is round and the paper is do you get a round shape onto a flat surface? MATHS!!!! Equations, ratios, charts: pie and bar, distance and direction are all elements used or put into or on maps for ease of reading!