My map of a route to school

Mini Map-Makers Story

'Mum - can you come to school and teach my friends about maps?'

Asked my son in October 2016 - he had been at school for 2 months and wanted his mum to teach his friends about maps...

(or he just wanted me to be in the school?!)

I was doing a course all about building confidence and doing what I needed to get the most out of life, run by an old college friend just starting his business. One of the objectives of the course was to get a business plan of the thing I wanted to do most in the world..didn't have to be a viable company but it could evolve and grow. 

So we sat down and i asked Ant what he'd like to do on a map making workshop..and Mini Map-Makers was born.

I ran through the workshop idea with the school and was invitred to teach all 88 children..back to back..45 minutes each break....

Now when you say that teachers have a long holiday..I UNDERSTAND WHY! It is exhausting..but it was absolutely brilliant!

I set up the company officially and have been developing resources and workshops since!

the End of August 2018 will see me have taught over 1500 children and adults all about Maps ! 

Just the next 7.8 million to go!

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The resources are in line with the UK Curriculum and have been especially developed with FUN in mind.

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