'X' Marks the Spot Workshops

Bedford and Surrounding Areas Workshops

I visit the Schools for the day to teach up to 4 Workshops, usually in the school hall or big open space. All resources are brought along and handed out for each pupil. A bespoke site-centred OS Map of the School is included, to be used for future outings.

Skills Learned

A route to school - by a 5 year old

Numbers, Letters, Grid Referencing, Scale, Colour, decision-making, understanding local area, Map-Reading, symbol identification. Cognitive, Fine Motor and Language and Numeracy Skills are within the Workshop.


Mini Map-Makers bags

I am a Cartographer, so I have created all of the Mapping and had the ideas that are in line with the pupils learning needs and the UK Primary Curriculum.

Past Workshops

Wootton Lower School - (Trial) November 2016

2017 Workshops

In 2017, Captain Alice taught in 5 different Schools around Bedford and Cambridge and 3 different external locations -including The Higgins and Marston Vale Forrest Centre. Teaching over 370 Children all about Maps - Captain Alice is thrilled with the first few months results! 


The trial Workshop was in Wootton, Bedford in November 2016. I took 3 Classes of 28 and invited the local paper Bedfordshire on Sunday along. Link

Mini Map-Makers Test video

I am Testing video production- it gives you an idea of the events!

Making Maps look 539 years old!

I don't usually recommend scrunching up maps....BUT IT MAKES THEM LOOK OLD! Add dabs of Teabags..and then it looks even older..