Out of School Activities

BedPop Science Day 10th March 2018

Located at the Higgins, Bedford - Mini Map-Makers will be hosting Free walk in Workshops to discover the area in Maps and the SCIENCE behind Map Making! Cartography - the Art and Science of Map Making

'Symbol Spot' guides - April 2018

Walking guides from 3+ around a variety of locations including the Forest of Marston Vale and Bedford town. Each participant purchases a bag (from the chosen location) containing all the items needed along the route. Can you find all the Symbols in your book?

Greensand Country Festival 26/5/18-3/6/18

Mini Map-Makers will be in 3 locations across the Country showing off the amazing natural history of the surrounding area! http://greensandcountry.com/visitor-attractions/greensand-festival/