N-E-S-W Workbooks (Q1 2018 Edits)


I've been working in the Cartographic Industry for 15 Years and thought that when I had my son I would like to make a difference..but how? Teaching my skill to children at a basic level, so they have the foundations a a basic human skill - map reading and understanding the world around them.

Cartographic Skills in Schools

Maps are everywhere and a lot of adults cannot read them. I am hoping to change that with this generation. It's not just colouring in! Maths, English, Music, History, Languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT all covered by maps or map-making! From the UK Curriculum for Geography, Maths and Science, the pupils N-E-S-W Workbook covers relevant aspects for Mapping. 

What's in the Workbooks

From My Home to My Planet and mapping in between, pupils are encouraged to map their surroundings, understand about where family are from or live, and understand about how and why maps are made today.  The 2 Competitions encourage the pupils to put their knowledge into their new skills.


Mini Map-Makers has worked with great Artists, Cartographers, GEO Practitioners and Educators to produce high quality, fun, educational workbooks for tomorrows Cartographers!


The UK has some fantastic world class Cartographic Houses and Cartographers and my aim is to work with them to help encourage this life skill. Support from British Cartographic Society,  Geographical Association, HarperCollins, Cosmographics, Ordnance Survey and the British Geological Society!


Leaflets have been sent to Schools in Bedford -So if you are interested in the Workshops or Workbooks please get in contact with Captain Alice