Mini Map-Makers Information Brochure

Updated July 2018

Free Stuff to use in the Class Room

Below are resources to use for free in the classroom 

Just remember where they came from and mention Mini Map-Makers in any imagery! 

Captain Alice would like to see them! 


Download these maps and resources for your class and have FUN - don't forget to send Captain Alice your work!

Continents and Oceans (pdf)


Regions of the World (pdf)


FreeMapFriday UK (pdf)


Animal map in Pencil (pdf)


" The Cartophiles" for Primary and Secondary Schools


A 'Cartophile' is a noun and means "one who greatly admires and enjoys maps".

As seen on Stand 20 at the 125th celebrations of the Geographic Association in Sheffield, UK.

Mini Map-Makers are in the last throws of production of the resources and  look forward to announcing Pre-Orders availablity at the end of the week.

The idea of Cartophiles is to get each school understanding more about Maps through practical lessons - which encompass lots of different subject and join them together..making the world come into the classroom and getting the pupils familiar with real world objects and places. 

STEM and Art are the main focus and this product would be classed as a "STEM" and Art resource and can be hosted by Geography, DT, ICT, Science and Art. 

Lesson plans for 25 STEAM lessons are included. Art and Mapping Mindfulness classes are included. Posters and Symbols Discs are included. OS Maps are dontated  to each school, kindly by Dennis Maps and the OS.

Teachers Information

Teachers FAQs

1. Why Cartography? So What?

Maps are composed of exactly what children starting school are going to learn about:

Words and Letters, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Patterns and Places.

2. How can I help you? 

I have a set of resources all ready made and Cartographically correct and to date to the UK Curriculum. you do not have to waste time searching endlessly to find an outline or a bunch of cities or rivers.. it has been done for you.

I really enjoy teaching children about maps - getting their brains whirring - and their energy focussed on creating something bespoke and new to them!

Something they can talk about with their friends and family.

3. What do you have to do? 

Email or call me to arrange a visit to your school. 

I can always do a previsit to show you resources and ideas!

I will host the day and give you a load of well researched, to date, relevant and FUN resources to get the children inspired about Maps

Have a bit of a break! I will take over for an hour..


'X' Marks the Spot Workshops

For children from 3 to 14 years old, the workshop covers the key skills required  - Cognitive, fine motor, numeracy, literacy and spatial awareness.

Each workshop has aged appropriate materials and is based on national curriculum requirements. 

They are 45-60 mins with all resopurces provided all about maps and Map Skills

Purchasing Workbooks & Workshops

Its easy as 'Naughty Elephants Squirt Water!'

Go to the Buy Now page and it will navigate you to the Shop.

Select the amount of students you have - per year group and choose the relevant Booklets! 

For the Workshops - select the Workshop and I will be in touch about a relevant date!

Links for additional resources

There are additional Cartographic resources from the shop including Books, 'X' Marks the Spot bags and more.

STEAM Poster

Out of School Activities

'Symbol Spot' guides - April 2018

Walking guides from 3+ around a variety of locations including the Forest of Marston Vale and Bedford town. Each participant purchases a bag (from the chosen location) containing all the items needed along the route. Can you find all the Symbols in your book? 

Girl Guiding helpers

I speak about my journey in Cartography, Geography and Geology at girlguiding meetings and then the teams help fill bags for X Marks the Spot Workshops.

if you would like me to give a talk to your group - please contact us!


I can help run sessionsfor the Navigation badge or anything to do with Maps. I also host careers talks about being A Cartographer and Geologist.