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NEW for 2018 at Mini Map-Makers HQ!

New for 2018

Celebrating our 1st Year!!

April 2017 marked the launch of Mini Map-Makers, a Mapping Education Services company based in Bedford, UK, created by Alice Gadney, Cartographer and Director of Silver7 Mapping.

Helping teachers save time and worry about getting the correct resources on the subject of Cartography and Map Skills. Aimed at 3 -18 year olds: with an exciting unique series of Workbooks and Workshops and other mappy items for the classroom - Puzzles, Books have been sourced by Alice! 

It is our aim for the children of the UK to have a good step up to being the best Future Cartographers in the World!  

Win prizes for the Best Maps or Best Colouring in!

Cartography encompasses the STEM  subjects and A (Art) - check out hte STEM and Art Section ..

Announced 13/04/2018

 the Pre-Order of The Cartophiles is live!!

Young Cartographers

The 'X' Marks the Spot Workshops are based in schools (External sites during Evenings and School Holidays) for 3-11 year olds (EYFS, KS1 and KS2). They are an exciting, fun, educational, inspirational, enjoyable and memorable way to introduce maps and map-making!

The N-E-S-W Workbooks grow with the child's knowledge of the World around them and with their reading, writing and drawing and spatial awareness capabilities. 

Workbooks (N-EYFS, E-KS1, S-KS2 (Yrs 3&4), W-KS2 (Yrs 5&6)

Cartophiles is a whole school mapping box of resources for everyone to try out and gain more skills in Mapping.

Extra Map related games and stationary for the classroom or for a rainy day are also available.

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NEW!!! Lots of Usbourne Map related books and Items for sale in the store!!!

The 'X' Marks the Spot Workshops include a site visit for the day. All resources supplied included in price. (max. 4 workshops per day) 

The N-E-S-W Workbooks are individual workbooks for each pupil, based on UK Curriculum for Geography. From EYFS to Key Stage 2, the Workbooks get the pupils practised in Geographical Skills! Includes 2 Competitions per pupil. 

Pricing as per school Year numbers - (individual, 30,60,90,120). Orders over 30 come with 2 free Teachers Booklets.

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