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AHOY there!
Mini Map-Makers!

Fun, inspiring, memorable mappy workshops & resources of all ages!

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 ALL content based on UK Curriculum 

UK Mapping Festival 2018 Information

UK Mapping Festival 4-6th September - ILEC Centre, Lille Road, London -FREE EVENT for Education - Afterschool Club from 3pm-5.30pm each day 

'Cartography for STEAM'

Below are downloads of the Poster and the Educators Letter!

Link to the UKMF2018 Website and Registration 

UKMF Educators Letter (pdf)


UKMF2018 Afterschoolclub Poster -email (pdf)


Making Maps look 539 years old!

I don't usually recommend scrunching up maps....BUT IT MAKES THEM LOOK OLD! Add dabs of Teabags..and then it looks even older..

Thanks to Yorkshire Tea, We can make them look spectacular! Every 'X' Marks the Spot attendee gets a Yorkshire Tea teabag!